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Oh Canada, home of the most politically correct, polite people on the planet. Yup that’s us.

Well, I had a moment of creative (but perhaps, not so politically correct) inspiration a week or so back that caused me to lose it in uncontrollable hysterics on the bus. I was doing that silent laugh, the kind that shakes your body and causes you to turn red in the face and cry because you can’t breathe. I could barely get a few words out, let alone explain my entire thought process to my poor man, who just stared at me like I had completely lost my marbles.

We had just spent an hour or so down at the official Olympic merch shop downtown, gorging on “cheese” in the form of toques, key chains, pins, etc, so I was flying high on Olympic love.

…Yes, one day on the bandwagon, one day off.  That’s how we Vancouverites roll, no? (Just ask the Canucks).

Anyways, for whatever reason, my Olympic excitement and resentment morphed into an image of Vancouver’s homeless wandering the streets dressed head-to-toe in Olympic clothing set to Nina Simone’s Sinnerman. Picture the bowler hat scene at the end of Thomas Crown Affair…We could shoot a couple-minute YouTube video of Olympic clad homeless pushing shopping carts down alleys, past bins and right up to the doors of the shiny new venues all set to the frantic beat of Sinnerman.

I doubt The Bay nor VANOC would sponsor the needed outfits, but golly it sure could be a social media sensation!


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So the torch is now in BC. Its on the cover of every newspaper each morning and I am starting to feel the excitement. I am letting it creep in. Last week, while dorking out on some Olympic merchandise at the official store in The Bay downtown, I watched as two young girls giggled uncontrollably as they held a torch replica for a photo; their proud parents snapping as many photos as possible before the next person’s turn.

It made me remember how excited I used to get over the Olympics, before they came to my town. I remember watching as Ben Johnson won Gold. My entire family screaming encouragements at the TV…and then the disapointment as it was taken away from him. Elvis Stojko, Kurt Browning, Mark Tewksbury, Donovan Bailey…I watched them all. I used to hate going to school during those two weeks. I didn’t want to miss a thing. And, while never aspiring to be an Olympic athlete I always looked up to these people; these heroes.

So now, at long last I am giving in. I am letting that innocence return, if only for a couple weeks. I am friggin excited and I plan on flaunting it all over town in cheesey Canadian Olympic clothing.

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